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This page allows you to shop for the best food and drink books at cheap prices. Our range includes fast and easy meals, recipes for baking cakes, pies etc, food and drink cookbooks, TV celebrity chef cookbooks, diet books and much more.

With all the many different kitchen gadgets available today, such as the microwave, combination microwave ovens, halogen ovens, steamers and sandwich makers, cooking and baking is relatively easy! [More below ...]

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The Cake Cookbook Set  Recipes To Bake Your Way To Success
A Year Full Of Recipes Love Food 1 Book Rrp 2500
Cooking Book
Love Food Student Cookbook 100 Everyday Recipes 1 Book Rrp 5
Escape The Diet Trap
Annabel Karmel You Can Cook 1 Books Collection Pack Set Rrp 1299
Love Food  The Slow Cooker
A Little Dinner Before The Play
Buffalo Cake And Indian Pudding
Easy Halogen Cookbook
The Three Sisters Quick & Easy Indian Cookbook: Delicious  Authentic And Easy Recipes To Make At Home
A Butlers Guide To Entertaining
Annie Bells Baking Bible
Antony's Weekend Cookbook
1001 Restaurants
A Cooks Year In A Welsh Farmhouse
Jamies America
Love Food 100 Everyday Recipes Fast Amp Simple 1 Book Rrp 5
Love Food 100 Everyday Recipes Slow Cooker 1 Book Rrp 5
Cookies  Love Food
Perfect Padded Cookbooks Turkish
Perfect Padded Cookbooks Wok And Stir Fry
The Carblovers Diet
21day Weight Loss Kick Start Diet
Antiageing Diet Cookbook  More Than 100 Recipes For Energy And Vitality
Jams  Preserves  Chutneys And Curds: Quick And Easy Proven Recipes
Webers Foolproof Favourites
A Taste Of The Country  A Traditional Cookbook By A Very Twentyfirstcentury Farmer
Sally Bee The Secret Ingredient 1 Books Set Rrp 1299
Simple And Delicious Cupcakes
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Food and Drink Books

Whether you can cook or won’t cook you can purchase the best food and drink recipe books at cheap prices to suit all tastes, abilities or circumstances. We have highlighted a few titles for you below:

The Pressure Cooker Recipe Book : Is packed with ideas for melt-in-the-mouth, delicious meals that can be cooked in a remarkably short space of time, The Pressure Cooker Recipe Book will show you how to make the most of these second generation appliances.

Pressure cookers have been around for many a year, but they are now more sophisticated than ever and in this clear and useful cookbook, we are shown how they can be used to create warm, filling meals such as slow-cooked ragu or osso bucco in a mere 25 minutes. Great for busy parents or workaholics, this colourful guide will help you produce delicious, hearty meals in no time.

Cook Step by Step : Just learning to cook? Or are you a cook looking to learn new techniques? This step-by-step guide to cooking is invaluable. Cook Step-By-Step will help explain unfamiliar techniques and guide you through crucial parts of recipes and provide reassurance.

4 Ingredients Student Cookbook : Students will love these no fuss ideas for meal times that provide great food on a budget, with minimum preparation and cooking time.

100 Easy Recipes - One Pots : Everyone needs that fail-safe chicken recipe in a hurry. And everyone needs the perfect stir-fried vegetarian dish, the light-as-air sponge cake, the satisfying meat casseroles and stews.

This hardworking series, each book a compilation of 100 tried-and-tested recipes, caters to those needs. Practical, easy, budget-conscious and, best of all, bursting with flavour. Buy one, buy them all.

Diet and Food Intolerance Books

Books are a great reference source for diet and weight loss tips simply because they supply all the information you will need for achieving a healthy diet, a diet to help you reduce weight or a specific diet for food intolerances.

For example, if you have diabetes you may wish to buy a recipe book containing over 100 delicious recipes that are so appetising they'll make you forget the healthy ingredients which were combined to make them.

A recipe book like this in your kitchen means that anyone suffering from diabetes can still enjoy rich soups, flavoursome vegetables, tender meat dishes and delightful desserts, but has the added benefit of improving your health.

For many, the prospect of making gluten-free and dairy-free food seems utterly daunting. And they will either buy ready-made produce (which is usually low in nutritional value and high in price) or sometimes not bother at all. But it is possible to buy recipe books for people with these kinds of food intolerances.

Whether you're suffering from allergy-related IBS, eczema, asthma, migraines or chronic fatigue, or if you are celiac, a gluten and dairy free recipe book will show you how to use substitute ingredients and simple cooking techniques to make mouth-watering meals.

You could try making power-packed breakfasts such as Brioche with Caramelised Peaches, sustaining lunches such as Artichoke, Parma Ham & Olive Pizza and delicious dinners such as Salmon en Croute or Lasagne, as well as sweet treats such as Raspberry & Rosewater Cupcakes and heavenly desserts such as Chocolate Fondant. Take a look at our food and drink category for cookbooks of this nature and many others.

Starting diet and weight loss plans often requires us to be motivated in order to actually finish what we begun. Should you have difficulty getting motivated maybe a hypnotherapy CD could possibly be of use. It'll enable you to build a powerful desire to eat healthily and therefore lose weight.

These kinds of motivational compact discs are great for enabling you to to reduce weight, the most common of these how to diet books being by Paul McKenna. We can also provide you with a wide selection of natural health and beauty books.

Food and Drink Recipe Books

For everyone out there who can’t cook, won’t cook you may want to give the aforementioned food and drink books the once-over and if none of them suit your needs then there are loads more food books for you to choose from instead.

We have a wide selection of cooking and baking books that can show you how to make meals in a microwave oven, slow cooker, or combination microwave even if you are vegetarian, suffer from high cholesterol or diabetes, or have intolerances to certain foods.

Food and drink recipes may have been passed down from generation to generation and cookbooks have been produced that can introduce you to some delicious, old-fashioned dishes that have stood the test of time.

From timeless classics such as Jugged Hare to mouth watering desserts including Apple Brown Betty, these are recipes that have been handed down through the generations and they are recipes guaranteed to be every bit as popular today as they have always been.

Food preparation is very important and must be carried out before you attempt to make meals or dishes. For some people food preparation is boring whereas others think it cathartic. There are numerous forms of cooking including baking, roasting, boiling or frying and there are cookbooks designed to show you how to do all these and much more.

Some of the books you can find here are concerned with food safety and are extremely useful when handling, preparing, storing or cooking food so to prevent foodborne illness. Food can pass disease from one person to another as well as serve as a growth medium for bacteria that can cause food poisoning.

We can even help when it comes to feeding the cat! ‘Cooking for your Cat’ is a tricky business as they are known for being very particular when it comes to what they eat, that's why so many of us spend a fortune on our moggies!

With this particular recipe book at your side you'll be able to produce healthy dishes and treats to make even the fussiest cat purr with delight. Easy to prepare, with no artificial flavourings, this is a great way to pamper Puss!  Cooking food for our pets could possibly work out cheaper ...?

No matter who or what you cook for, or what your taste in food is there are millions of food and drink guides and books to help. If you like to live a healthy lifestyle or are constantly dieting then please browse our diet and weight loss category for a selection of how to diet books.

Cookbooks for Vegetarians and Vegans

Most vegetarians want to be absolutely sure that they aren't consuming any product or by-product of slaughter.

However, there's still some confusion as to what vegetarians do and don't eat, partly because many people who call themselves vegetarian can sometimes turn a blind eye to the small print on labels. Or they may openly include fish in their diet, at which point they are more accurately called pescatarian.

Vegetarian and vegan diets may require many replacements for meat or animal by-products that are delicious and fairly easy to find in health food shops and supermarkets. These are not required eating, but they may be useful for substitutions in your favourite traditional dishes.

Textured Vegetable Protein - Textured vegetable protein (TVP) is soya flour that's been processed and dried. A substance with a sponge-like texture, TVP is available either cut into small chunks or ground into granules which resemble minced beef, and can be flavoured to resemble meat.

Wheat protein (seitan) - A useful ingredient for vegans is wheat protein, sometimes called seitan, which is derived from wheat gluten (the protein part of the flour). The gluten is extracted from wheat and then processed to resemble meat.

Alcohol and other drinks: most wines, many spirits and some beers are 'fined' (clarified) or filtered using animal products such as egg white or isinglass, which is derived from the swim bladder of a fish. Some drinks, such as Campari and some soft drinks, use cochineal (derived from a type of beetle) as a colouring agent.

Vegetarian and vegan diets are such that it is essential that you read the labels carefully and choose drinks that state that they’re suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Our range of cookbooks for vegetarians and vegans can help you to enjoy some really tasty meals!

If African food is to your taste then there are recipes available specifically for vegans. East Africa is a region of contrasts and home to literally hundreds of ethnic and tribal groups, who speak a variety of languages and have many different religions.

One aspect that many of these groups have in common, however, is the kind of meals eaten, which for most people are based around a starchy staple such as a grain or root vegetable dish, accompanied by thick, flavourful soups and stews and speciality breads.

The starchy part of the meal is commonly rolled into a hollowed ball with the fingers of the right hand and then used to scoop up other foods. Because cutlery is rare it is important for the hands to be cleansed before the meal begins and in many countries hand washing both before and after meals is a ritual.

Before the meal starts a jug and bowl are brought in and water is poured over the diners' hands, which are held over the bowl. A towel is passed around to dry the hands and the same thing is done again at the end of the meal. Recipes are not generally written down, but are passed on by word of mouth or simply created by the cook by experimenting with what ingredients are available.

East African cuisine is sadly often overlooked outside the region, with many people believing that it consists only of starchy tasteless stodge!  However, African food is richly-flavoured and traditional dishes are made from an exciting array of exotic and nutritious ingredients.

As all the basic ingredients are plant-based the recipes are eminently suitable for vegans and with many of the dishes extremely quick and easy to prepare they should also appeal to vegans who have little time to cook.

Vegetarian recipe books are a really useful tool for students too. Nutritionally sound, relatively inexpensive and easy to prepare, a good vegetarian diet meets all the requirements of the busy student.

The recipes can be cooked in minutes to fit around their hectic lifestyle. For further information on food and drink there is a good selection of general reference books available.

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